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Medical Police

Photo by IMDb

Medical Police is an American comedy streaming television series, created by Rob Corddry, Krister Johnson, Jonathan Stern and David Wain, that premiered on Netflix on January 10, 2020. It is a spin-off of the short-form alt-comedy series Childrens Hospital, that parodiedmedical dramas, whereas Medical Police is a parody of international spy thrillers. The series stars Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel as Childrens Hospital doctors Lola Spratt and Owen Maestro. When they discover a world-threatening virus, they are recruited as government agents in a globe-spanning race to find a cure. In the process, they unmask a deep conspiracy amidst the outbreak.Released during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the series’ depiction of a global disease outbreak has been described as “inadvertently timely.”

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Coming up Next: Alchemy Of Souls Season 2

Photo by Netflix

After the teaser released on Nov. 9, 2022 as the first glimpse to Alchemy of Soul: Light and Shadow proving the resurrection of Jang Uk, came the second teaser annoucing the return of the Korean series for another set of episodes featuring the mages of Songrim, Sejukwon and Cheonbugwan dealing with heaven and earth , released on Nov. 19, 2022 by tvN, a South Korean nationwide pay television network.

Season 1 presented the flourishing battle of affection between Mu-deok and three characters in the series. Who must be the one to win her heart is still at large coz she has her own plans to accomplish before she would be able to put herself in the chaos that she is already full of. Yet the romance with Jang Uk is the most favored one to excel, not with other admirers who just stay in the sidelines of the story arcs. No matter how flagrant that they look better for her. But in Season 2 there must be an incoming factor from within that will change the texture of the story. Hoping that they can resolve the issue about these blue-eyed lovers.

Photo By Netflix

Back from his apparent death, Jang Uk (Lee Jae-wook) sprang in the air in the finale of Season 1 to continue his path proving himself in the epic setting based on Joseon era in the fictional kingdom of Daeho after he tried to save Mu-deok (Jung So-min). Together with Nak-su (Go Yoon-jung) , Jin Cho-yeon (Arin), Seo Yul (Hwang Min-hyun) and Park Dang-gu (Yoo In-soo) , they are back for good in Season 2 to have another parade of their traditional costumes on their quest for romance, fantasy , period drama and action.

As announced, the series will commence on Dec. 10, 2022 via tvN at 9:20 PM KST, to be simulcasted via Netflix Korea. With the same director-Park Joon-hwa and of course the writers – the famous Hong sisters, Jung-eun and Mi-ran, backing up this Korean fantasy series from the drawing board while burning the midnight oil till the wee hours of the morning as they prepared successfully to continue the saga about love and magic. This time though, Mu-deok (Jung So-min) as the love interest of Jang Uk , is not part of the teasers and posters affirming her absence in Season 2 yet her character is a vital part of the story. While Yoo Jun-sang as Park Jin and Oh Na-ra as Maidservant Kim are figured to reprise their respective roles from the previous season. Yet it must be a technique to cause intrigue and rumor so the fans will swarm to check if their lovestory continues to confirm whose hands are shown in the photo to tickle their fancy.