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Cats on the Hot Tin Roof

A white cat and a tiger cat started to be our pets since they frequented our garage or frontyard after lunch and dinner to eat our lefovers, or simply the bones, fats, parts and skins we couldn’t digest till my nephew took them as his pets to the point that he asked us to buy them food and gave them names based on the characters of a soap opera so we keep them loitering around the open air lanai especially in the tiled backyard where they sleep and eat near the plants in the soil. He just stopped caring for them when the white cat scratched him but that’s after the kittens came coz each of them got pregnant and bore kittens though the white cat was not able to keep hers, she ended up as the feeding mother to the kittens of the tiger cat.

Not a cat person, or just not keen to share the room with any animal though they come inside when the door is open so I have to chase them away in fear of having allergy, germs or asthma , aside from having a toddler and a kid in the house , but there was one time when I slept with a cat, which died years ago when I was alone, getting old but still afraid of the dark. I must say my penchant for them is so casual that I only give them time when I am feeding them in the backyard. We have at least 5 cats consisted of 2 stray cats plus their white and brown striped kittens now big as they are, and an old dog in his cage. To my surprise that I had to initially name my blog after them as worthy as what influenced Edgar Allan Poe to write about ravens perching and croaking above his chamber door and windows. So thanks to our cats which always hang out and run around our hot tin roof. Most of the time, they annoy me coz they make sounds at night while I am trying to sleep, it turns out that there are male black and gray cats taunting them to mate as they also want to procreate like humans so I try to ignore them. I wonder why they don’t like to chew rice, vegetables, crackers and bread unless they are so hungry. Have to check for scientific reasons soon.

Credits to the owners of the cats and their pictures here.